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Your plan for the unexpected.

More than 40% of small businesses that suffer from a major disaster without a disaster recovery plan in place never reopen for business. This startling statistic reinforces the importance of having an up-to-date, comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plan in place.

With Startel’s SafetyNet Solution, you can continue to deliver uninterrupted service to your customers regardless of the situation from a hardened, redundant, secure datacenter in the cloud. It delivers more than a complete failover solution – it delivers peace of mind.

With all that can happen… disaster recovery has never been so essential to your contact center!


With the Startel SafetyNet Solution you can expect:

Full redundancy with resiliency built into every component of our approach, including network routing, power and internet delivery, hardware, routine backups, etc. In the event of a network outage, hardware failure, hurricane, etc., our team will initiate a rapid cutover to a redundant system, allowing your business to continue delivering uninterrupted service regardless of the situation.
Rapid data recovery that enables you to quickly and safely backup entire virtual machines, including operating systems, application data, and production environments, in a simple, non-disruptive manner. Automated synchronization of database and key files, automated database and key file backup and a backup system all act as a hot standby system.
High availability with regular data backup/disk mirroring procedures and cloud-based failover/failback to virtualized applications, systems and infrastructure. By combining these processes with our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery technology, you can expect to increase the level of availability for all of your applications and ensure customer service level agreements are met.

This isn’t Rocket Science… It’s Business Continuity!

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