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Startel Enterprise Messaging Services

Startel offers a suite of messaging solutions that provide robust digital communication between agents, supervisors, technical and medical professionals.

Startel’s GenIMX – Startel’s Next Generation Interactive Message Exchange!

Our Interactive Messaging Exchange (IMX) allows your Contact Center to communicate in more ways than ever before.  It is the most interactive way to send and receive SMS & MMS messages, send out mass notifications, manage client’s web chat and email, and communicate with clients via GenChat our Instant Messaging application. This suite of tools will allow you to respond and communicate on your customer’s behalf as if you were the client.

 • Main Line SMS & MMS

• Mass Notification

• Web Chat

• IChat


Startel SMS

Any businesses that receive urgent calls have become increasingly reluctant to rely solely on email messages. The solution? The Startel Short Message Service (SMS). Built from the ground up, Startel’s SMS solution is 100% software-based and delivers messages quickly and reliably to your busy clients. With Startel’s SMS solution users benefit from:

• Complete mobility to access messages 

• 100% reliability with a solution 

• A suite of billing and activity reports 

• Simple implementation 

• Limitless access 

Secure Messaging Plus 

Accessible from the Web or an application downloaded to one’s smartphone or tablet, Secure Messaging Plus (SM+) offers a secure, HIPAA-compliant, way to safely exchange sensitive information via text with your peers and office. Our users experience all of the benefits of texting, but in a secure manner and environment. With Secure Messaging Plus users can:

• Maintain compliance. Stay HIPAA, GLBA and SOX compliant.

 Control expiring of messages. Set messages to expire at a predetermined time or when marked as read or filed. Messages that do not have a defined expiration will expire within the originating subscriber’s default number of days (not to exceed 30 days). This feature offers users an additional layer of security.

 Send attachments. Securely send and receive attachments such as voice recordings, and image attachments for better collaboration with colleagues. This is a key feature for physicians and staff to consult on patient files.

 Track the status of all messages. Subscribers can track when a message from their device has been sent, viewed, read and filed. When SM+ is used in conjunction with the Startel CMC, messages and their content are fully tracked, archived and encrypted. Real-time reports can also be generated by administrative personnel based on a number of criteria, including duration of time, subscriber, etc.

• Forward messages. Prior to sending a message, or by allowing forwarding by default, users have the ability to indicate which messages can be forwarded. Administrators can also enable certain accounts to not allow forwarding of any messages.

• Group response and messaging. When replying to a group message, users can choose to reply directly, and only to the sender, or to the entire group.



Startel Secure Messaging Gateway


As messaging technology has grown and evolved, healthcare organizations have been presented with many different secure messaging applications from a wide variety of providers. In some cases, a single organization may have multiple platforms used in various departments and locations.

The Secure Messaging Gateway allows users to send and receive electronically protected healthcare information, or ePHI, via the most popular messaging providers from one HIPAA-complaint application:

• OnPage
• TigerConnect
• DocHalo
• pMD

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