Allow custom-designed contact center software to request information securely and directly from your CMC database for the purpose of automation and much more!

  • A gatekeeper for your contact center data! Only letting the right kinds in or out.

  • Startel’s CMC RestAPI can be used with automation tools like Zapier to integrate with 6,000+ apps.

  • Improve your agent efficiencies by securely automating the transfer of client data into and out of the CMC.

  • Automatically redirect flow of client data en masse according to client requests.

Startel CMC RestAPI 

The Startel CMC RestAPI is a translator that allows custom designed software to request information directly and in real time from your CMC database. Startel’s CMC RestAPI allows you or your customer to create custom applications to meet specialized needs.

Do your customers want to automate pulling information into their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software? Do you want to have your own reporting tools, designed by you and your staff? Have great ideas for a mobile app for your business? This tool will get you all of that.

Use the CMC RestAPI to customize dashboards that suit your site’s specific needs, develop web-based applications for analyzing and monitoring staffing levels, and build your own tools for managing on-call calendars

Improved Agent Efficiencies

Startel’s CMC RESTful APIs can improve your agent efficiencies by taking the data they collect and automatically syncing it into other applications for the client rather than training your agent on new software so they can manually re-enter that information. 


Agents don’t have to make a bunch of quick decisions in real-time to ensure individual messages end up where they should be, RESTful APIs make deliberate, focused decisions to redirect the flow of data en masse according to the client’s request.


Powerful Integration 

Startel’s API is integrated with Zapier.  Zapier empowers you to automate your work across 5,000+ apps —so you can move forward, faster.  Zapier is a middleware that allows you to create from 1- 100 step automated workflows.  It’s a Do-It-Yourself solution that does not require expensive development with programmers.



Protect your contact center from invaders with secure automation!


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