Designed to Deliver Proven and Measurable Results

Unified Communications
Allows for Greater Collaboration

Integrate your key communication channels in one complete package with Startel’s Unified Communications solution offering. Call, email, dispatch, IM, SMS, page and fax all from your Startel Soft Switch and benefit from universal access, enhanced communication & improved continuity across all business processes.

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Business Process Automation
Delivers Increased Efficiency

Start saving time and money by automating time-consuming tasks and processes. With Startel’s Business Process Automation solutions you can schedule appointments and send reminder confirmations, automatically record all agent-customer conversations, and receive real-time reports when you need them.

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Provides Actionable Insight

Gain real-time insight into the performance of your organization, your systems and your employees with Startel’s Performance Management solutions. Use the evaluations, reports and analytics to identify areas of opportunity and when needed, take immediate action to improve processes, communication and delivery.

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