By Endicott Call Center Staff

The impact Startel has had on the processes of Endicott Call Centers is reflected in our ability to manage client interactions at such a professional level. For over 35 years, this multichannel platform has enabled us to reach peak performance and truly set the bar in our industry.  That’s why we choose to utilize this tool to support all of our communication channels. Startel has helped us support real-time monitoring and reporting for healthcare telephone answering services, contact centers, and beyond. With this high-performing software, we are able to combine queuing and routing processes as well as scripting and dispatching.

At Endicott Call Centers, our steady goal is to continue improving our services. Since using Startel as an agent tool for customer care, we have been able to move forward to each quarter to advance our interactions. Through the Web Portal, users can view messages, contact staff directly, update their on-call schedules, listen back to their phone calls, and more. Startel is client and employee-friendly from usage and view, allowing for a seamless extension of our clients. This mobile-friendly tool delivers the flexibility users need to make immediate, real-time changes to their accounts. This enables us to directly access and successfully manage their business 24/7 from the internet. Now that’s technology at its finest!

Top 3 Benefits

We have experienced many benefits from using Startel. From the Flexible Agent Interface that helps boost our agents’ confidence to the SoftSwitchthat provides flexible integration options, this software system has rewarded our company time and time again. We take pride in real-time communication that creates excellent customer service experiences. By using Startel, we are able to use multiple ways to stay connected 24/7. Our team can exchange instant messages with other individual IM users, groups, departments, or all users with our online chat solution. Also, the Appointment Scheduler allows our call centers to provide a cost-effective service to their busy clients.

There are countless ways in which this system has improved our service delivery. While taking a look back at our last 35 years using Startel, there are three main benefits that truly stick out to us. The biggest impactors that we have noticed include:

  1. Dispatch Scripting: This has allowed messages to be sent to our clients immediately, rather than delaying the message for a dispatcher to react upon.
  2. Dispatch Queue Visibility: Viewing the dispatch queue has provided our team real-time access to dispatch delays, allowing us to immediately add more resources to reduce impact to operations.
  3. IntelliForms: The utilization of IntelliForms for the ability to script questions and use formulas to jump in text has been a significant time saver.

By using Startel, we are empowered to directly enhance the customer experience. Specifically, it provides an online portal where clients can view messages in real-time. Clients then have the ability to update their contact information for each of their employees as well as maintain an On-Call Schedule for up-to-the-minute coverage. Startel has been instrumental when it comes to finding a solution for our clients and identifying areas in dispatch delays. It has worked to build and create based on user feedback. Startel provides a tool that helps identify issues through the dispatch queue. This now provides real-time management to help in an area that was once unidentified.

Startel Technology and support has provided a solution like no other. The partnership that has been developed is second to none. We have developed creative solutions for all of our clients and continue to explore new ways in which the software can support the growing needs of our customers. Endicott takes pride in being one of the nation’s premier outsourced call center service providers. With the Startel Contact Management Center, we are able to do just that! We value every customer interaction and will continue to use this resource to deliver the world-class experiences.

 This blog was written by the staff at Endicott Call Centers!  If you would like to learn more about Endicott Call Centers click here.

 For more information on Startel’s product offerings and services please contact our sales department at , 800-782-7835 or schedule a demo.