Voice Services from Startel gives small and mid-size organizations the features, capabilities, and capacity to immediately address any business issues without breaking the bank. Startel’s embedded Voice Services integrates robust, flexible voicemail, voice logging, and e-fax services directly into the Startel Soft Switch. This solution is 100% software driven – no hardware or telephony cards and no need for additional servers. In addition, Startel’s Voice Services solution is fully redundant, giving you more options to enhance your business continuity.

With Startel’s Voice Services you can:

Record 100% of your Interactions for Quality and Training Purposes

Startel’s Voice Logging solution can record all agent-customer conversations and store them in a MP3 format for future playback. Companies, especially healthcare organization, rely on call recording to maintain compliance, reduce risk and liability, verify orders and monitor service levels.

Easily Locate the Data Needed with its Search and Retrieval Features

Integration with Startel’s Soft Switch provides Voice Logger users with immediate access to almost any data associated with a recording. Search by Date and Time of Call, Client ID (not just a phone number), Call Duration, Agent Initials, and ANI/Caller ID (when provided to the ACD), and much more.

Use Data Retrieved to Add Value to Every Customer Interaction

By extracting the intelligence gained from the recording or third-party application, you can easily resolve customer issues, identity training opportunities and increase sales by offering cross and up-sells.

Create Flexible Voicemail Greetings for all Communication Types

Startel’s Voicemail provides the means to create one or more greetings on the voicemail box, create time activated greetings, mark a message as urgent and send message waiting notifications, receive faxes, remotely access account to retrieve messages and much more.

Design Templates and Drop Down Menus On-the-Fly

The mailbox type, behavior and greetings selection can be automatically controlled based on day of the week and time of the day. Real-time status can be viewed and subscriber maintenance can be performed locally or across a network, making it easy to accommodate any change requests.

Deploy a Highly Redundant, Resilient Platform

A Soft Switch server provides redundancy and disaster recovery for the switch, voicemail and voice logger, and can even be deployed at a second location, providing you with additional opportunities to enhance your business continuity.

Voice services that won’t break the bank!


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