With over 40 years of experience in the contact center industry we’ve had some time to reflect on who we’d be a good fit for and who we wouldn’t.


Let’s face it, a “perfect fit” is hard to come by. That said, be wary of vendors with a one size fits all mentality. Often times they’re not the most efficient or cost-effective approach to your business.  At Startel, if your needs are beyond the scope of what we can deliver, we will let you know right away.

Below are the top 4 reasons why we may not be a good fit for your contact center.



1.) You Don't Need ACD

Automatic call distribution (ACD) is the mechanism by which incoming calls and interactions are queued, distributed, and assigned between a group of waiting contact center agents. One of the major features of Startel’s SoftSwitch is advanced call routing and automatic call distribution. If someone’s only looking for a simple multi-line office PBX (phone system) where incoming calls ring to all available stations our contact management platform is more horsepower than you need.


2.) Your Contact Center Does Not Take Many Simultaneous Calls

Startel’s SoftSwitch and Contact Management Center scales well from a handful of contact center agents taking hundreds of calls a day, up to hundreds of agents taking tens of thousands of calls a day. A peripheral benefit of a Startel switch and contact management platform is that it can also provide everyday SIP-based telephony for your office or administrative staff, but if your only goal is basic telephony for staff whose primary function isn’t managing multiple simultaneous contact center interactions, you won’t benefit from many of the advantages Startel’s contact management platform provides.

3.) You Want Agents To Do Everything Manually

Startel’s contact management platform (CMC) is designed to automate common tasks like dispatching messages,and to organize client data intuitively so that agents can arrange their screens to their liking.  If you’re not ready for that level of automation it’s likely you won’t be able to fully utilize the features and solutions of Startel’s contact management platform. 

4.) You Don't Need Tech Support or a User Community

Startel has an award-winning tech support team with a 97% approval rating. From initial training to ongoing software enhancements, we make it our business to ensure you get the most value for your investment.  Another great resource, The Startel National Users Group is an active user community with annual conferences, educational materials, and online discussion forums.  We’ve seen how successful a contact center can be when it combines our solutions and expertise with insight from fellow industry experts.  However, those resources are only useful to you if you intend to take advantage of them.


Now that you know us a little better… Let’s do this!!!


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